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Task 1

Watch the Movie Shershaah (2021)

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Task 2

Read the following information carefully. Take help from your parents if possible.

An Army officer is a leader. They have a certain set of duties and departments allotted to them which they supervise and manage according to the rules and regulations.


Communication skills

Army commanders hold excellent command on written communication skills, and are also good listeners.

Research skills

Army officers are required to perform extensive research work into relevant facts.

Judgement skills

Army officers possess the ability to draw reasonable, logical conclusions or assumptions from limited information provided to them.

People skills

An army officer must be presentable, influential, and able to read others.

Analytical skills

An army officer must be able to absorb large quantities of information, then filter it into something meaningful, manageable, and logical.


When working on something, they must have the perseverance to complete the work necessary to drive it to a successful finish.

Roles and Responsibilities

Some of the major duties of an Army officer are planning operations, assigning duties and communicating effectively with the subordinate staff, commanding, training and leading others, monitoring the welfare and progress of new recruits.

Job Titles






Armoured Corps


Intelligence Corps


Army Medical Corps


Army Service Corps


Signal Regiment Officers


Army Engineers

How Do You Achieve The Goal?

Clear 10+2

Students are required to successfully complete their 10+2 with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks. After completing 10+2, candidates have the following options:

  • NDA Entry : Appear for the NDA Entrance Exam

  • Army Cadet College (ACC) Entry

  • Technical Entry Scheme (TES)

Complete graduation from any stream

Students are required to successfully complete their 10+2 with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks. After completing 10+2, candidates have the following options:

  • Candidate must be a citizen of India

  • Minimum age requirement: 19 years, maximum age limit: 25 years

Complete graduation from technical/engineering stream

Students must pursue their undergraduation in engineering discipline from any specialisation. After the graduation, candidates are eligible to apply for following recruitment:

  • Technical graduate course and postgraduate entries

  • SSC Tech Entry

  • SSC Non-Tech Entry

  • Army Medical Entry

  • Army Law Entry

Work Location

On-Field, Office: 
Officers are required to work in the premises of the Ministry of Defence and their respective Battalion. On an average, Officers are required to work for 50-55 hours.


Army officers are entitled to 60 days of annual leave and 20 days of casual leave. Sick leaves are apart from this. All the leaves are paid leaves.

Pay Scale

The salary offered to the officers depends on the grade and designation they work on.


  1. Being an Indian army officer is a matter of great honor in itself.

  2. While one's friends would be learning about their jobs way down in the heirarchy of their companies, that person would leading a platoon of men as a young officer tasked with a mission.

  3. An Indian officer is required to explore places the general public hasn't even heard of.

  4. One can opt for the services he/she connects with the most, starting from infantry, armoured, Aviation corps, EME, Parachute regiment, name your pick.

  5. After retirement the amount of benefits one gets is very impressive. After all it's a government job, security is assured.


  1. An Indian army officer has also one of the hardest lives one has. Living away from family at times is a constant.

  2. Even though it is not very frequent,the pain of knowing martyred coursemates is just unimaginable by us, who have not seen something like that.

  3. Sometimes the places you go are pretty harsh. Siachen is going to make human ice-cream of you, Rajasthan sectors will roast you literally.

Various Stages


Junior most ranked officer, oversees a unit of 40-60 subordinates. Average salary is Rs. 68,000 per month. 


A major is a key staff officer in charge of such areas as Personnel, Intelligence, Operations, or Logistics. It takes almost 11 years to get promoted as a major. The salary of a Major is Rs. 1,00,000 per month.


Colonel is a senior military officer rank used in defence and armed forces. A colonel is typically in charge of a regiment in an army. The salary of a colonel is Rs. 1,50,000 per month. 


A Captain is generally in charge of over 100 soldiers. It takes almost four years to get promoted as a captain. The salary of a Captain is Rs. 75,000 per month. 

Lieutenant Colonel

A lieutenant colonel works as a Battalion Commander in charge of hundreds of soldiers or a general staff officer in a division or corps. It takes almost 17 years to get promoted to the position of Lieutenant Colonel. The salary of a lieutenant colonel is Rs. 1,12,000 per month.

Post Retirement

For Officer  

  1. Lot of scope for the officer who are retired from the armed forces - can be domain specific or mostly Administration

  2. All the officer mostly take up administration related profession

  3. A technical officer can enter to his domain and start the work

  4. Officers of Star rank can take up anything - actually the world wants them - preferable Manager in an organisation, or Principal in a College , or Chairman in an organisation, etc.


For Other Ranks

Can take up domain related sector - can take up Govt or Private sector.

  1. Private Sector - Security companies, low level managerial profession, store keeper, etc.

  2. Govt Sector - cut off is less for them, can take up clerk jobs or assistant jobs.

Future prospect

The Officers are employed for their service on the full-time basis. They are required to work under the jurisdiction of the Defense ministry. 

Army officers are recruited in the Indian Army via either the Short Service Commission or the Permanent Commission. The tenure of SSC is upto 10 years which is further expandable upto 4 years more. The officers serving in the Permanent Commission work full-time according to the time specified by the Indian Government.

Tips to do well

  1. Pay Attention 

  2. Stay focused 

  3. Educate yourself 

  4. Keep your affairs in order and updated 

  5. Don’t make excuses or slack on work 

  6. Keep your priorities in order and know what you are doing!

  7. Keep the patriotism alive inside you. 

Task 3

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