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Become a Business Rockstar

Business Rockstar is a 6-session entrepreneurship course for budding entrepreneurs that ends with an apprenticeship with top startups. 

Curriculum Overview

Day 1

Introduction to the world of business

Day 2

What’s your big idea? Validating the idea from a business perspective.

Day 3

How do you reach your customers? Building a minimum viable product.

Day 4

How much money do you need to run the business? Understand the biz terms such as cost, revenue, credit, profit, equity, etc.

Day 5

Lean startup strategy and case study of a tech startup

Day 6

Pitch to impress - Learn to thrill your customers and investors

Things You'll Do!

Creating advertising campaigns


Generating revenue

Guerrilla marketing


Ability to handle failure

Lean startup methodology


Program Highlights

Open Space Office

Meet entrepreneurs and business leaders


A visit to T-Hub, the World’s largest innovation campus


Real-world projects

Writing an application

Industry certification

Become a
Business Rockstar

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