Career cards

What if you could 'EXPERIENCE' all careers before taking your pick?

Career Cards

To choose the right career, you need to:

  1. Experience all possible career options.

  2. Match your interests, strengths, aptitudes and natural traits to potential career choices.

We enable you to:

  • Experience different careers.

  • Talk to professionals across industries.

  • Analyse your strengths, aptitudes, dominant natural traits.

And when you are ready, you can choose a career goal.​

Aspiring Pilot

While in school, it's your time to have fun! So, why specialise?

You can be a doctor, an engineer, a coder, and the likes... you could be all of them!

Our Programs


2 Year Goal Guidance Program

  • Exposure to 250+ career options

  • Live interactions with 30+ industry experts in groups of 10

  • Role playing sessions 

  • 3 sessions a month, 45 mins each

  • Self-learning resources 

  • Progressive psychometric testing

  • Career-centred networking with peers

  • Sessions with counsellors

Starting at Rs.1199/month

10-Day Goal Guidance Program

  • Live interactions with 10 industry experts 

  • Role Playing sessions

  • 10 sessions, 45 mins each

  • Psychometric testing

Starting at Rs.60/day/student

Presenting in Class

Connect with Career Professionals

Book an interactive session with Experts to understand their remarkable journey in the chosen careers.

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Researcher : 1000 INR/session

Learn the joy of Scientific Research with Sudeep Sarma From North Carolina State University, US

Army Commander : 1000 INR/session

Learn what it feels like in the Indian Army with Commander Vikas Wilson who served for 21 years

Pilot: 1000 INR/session

Learn what it means to control an Aircraft with 

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Audio Engineer: 1000 INR/session​

Create and mix music with Dipangshu Das, an audio engineer of RODE microphones, Australia

Entrepreneur: 1000 INR/session​

Talk to Saket Jha to learn about his remarkable entrepreneurial journey at Rubex, an EdTech Startup

Illustrator : 1000 INR/session

Chandrima tells her stories using colours. Join her to understand her journey as an Illustrator

Testimonials From Our Goal Champs

I have learned a lot about myself and potential careers.

Ashmitha (7th grade)

I thought I already knew what I wanted to become, but this programme showed me I had options.

I like how my kid role-plays each career, understands, analyse and rates his interest in it !

Swati (Parent of a 5th class student)

Santosh (10th grade)


When you want to decide your career goal, imagine yourself in your dream role, live in it, and understand whether it suits you.

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