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Prepare for

Life's Biggest Exam -

Choosing a Career Goal

Career Exploration - Future Readiness Programs

Program 1 - Eirene

1+ years

30+ career categories

250+ careers

24+ life skills

12+ Role play activities

Program 2 - Hercules


30+ career categories

250+ careers

24+ life skills

Program 3 - Life Skills

<3 months

24+ life skills to choose from

Assessment and tracking

Abstract E
Abstract H
Abstract L
Abstract K

Program 4 - Krato
Internships for Teens

Top career internships

Industry collaborations

Certifications and rewards

Learning is Fun

  • Interactive sessions with career professionals

  • Fun-filled career-related activities and role-play

Learning is Collaborative

  • Career exploration in groups

  • Peer-peer tasks and projects

Learning is Self-Discovery

  • Exposure to essential life-skills

  • Self-discovery of natural abilities and identity

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Video Courses