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Power yourself to be Future-Ready

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Why "Experience" Goals


Experience all your options

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Future Readiness Programs

For grade 5 to 9

For grade 9 and above

For grade 5 and above

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Preparing you for Life's Biggest Exam


Experience camps

Explore careers


Business Rockstar

Unlocking skills for a great future

A sneek peak into our last programs

Our students come from

Kratos Internships - Travel in Your Dream Career

Little Business Rockstar

Next Coder

Space Enthusiast

Budding Designer

More Internships Coming Soon!

What Makes WhatIsMyGoal Special?  

Learning is Fun

  • Interactive sessions with career professionals

  • Fun-filled career-related activities and role-play

Learning is Collaborative

  • Career exploration in groups

  • Peer-peer tasks and projects

Learning is Self-Discovery

  • Exposure to essential life-skills

  • Self-discovery of natural abilities and identity

Testimonials From Our Goal Champs

Thanglenlal (Class V)

 I really liked the session as my child was really enjoying he really did this session with great enthusiasm and he really liked it and I will really like to thank the teachers of whatismygoal to guide the childrens and I really think that there should be more session like this one. Thank you.

Father of Tristuv

Kaur (Class IX)


When you want to decide your career goal, imagine yourself in your dream role, live in it, and understand whether it suits you.


Goal Preparedness Curriculum

Career Cards
  • 30+ career categories

  • 250+ career options

  • 5000 job types

Art Class
  • 250+ career-related activities

  • 30+ role play sessions

Virtual reality
  • 10+ virtual office tours

  • Connect classroom learning to future work life

Financial Report
  • Track the preparedness level 

Children Playing
  • Competitions and rewards


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