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Under 18 Elections


Under 18 Elections so far....

1. Launch of U-18 elections

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2. Aspiring MLAs experienced the Legislative Assembly

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3. Election officers experienced the Secretariat of Telangana


4. Election officers meetup from different constituencies

        The next steps:


For Students (Voters) 


Voter Eligibility

To be a responsible voter, you need to know what kind of leader you want to vote for.  Process::

1) Post a 1 min video / 1 paragraph of < 100 words on Instagram explaining how you will select your MLA candidate and why.

Use #WhatIsMyGoal #DemocracyUnderstood #Schoolname #yourname and tag @whatismygoal2023 and your school.


For School Management

White Structure

Get Eligible for MLA Nomination

Showcase your crowd pulling capability and virality power.

Pink Sugar

MLA Elections

EVM based secure elections are held at every constituency. The party with most MLAs win.

Nominate yourself for one of the parties

Select one of the three parties to nominate yourself.

CM election

Winning party MLAs compete for CM candidacy and proving to the party that they are best.

The Tommorow platform

All Parties meeting and the election campaign begin.

Painting Wall

The U-18 Assembly

The CM, Cabinet Ministers and MLAs attend the mock assembly, pass bills and make a change.


The elections


Watch the video for more details about the Under 18 elections.

Dear schools representatives,  once you form the election committee add details here:

WhatsApp us at: 
to join the first ever Under-18 elections in Telangana.


The future of the world is in schools!! The abilities, interests, and thoughts of children Under 18 are not just important for themselves and their families but also for the nation as a whole.

Politics being one of the most significant aspects of a country, students understanding the same is of outmost importance. Similar to the other 23 other career professions offered by WhatIsMyGoal for experience, we have launched the Under18 elections to make students experience politics real-time.

Under 18 elections will be held across schools in Telangana. Students in 4th grade and above are eligible to vote, while those in grade 8th and above can nominate themselves for MLA candidacy. The Under 18 elections involve three major parties, real promotions, voter registrations and elections.

Let’s Work Together

WhatIsMyGoal, 3rd floor,

THub, Knowledge City

Tel: 6003248156

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