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Eirene - Experiential program

Curriculum Overview

  • Explore 30+ career categories, 250+ career options

  • 1 Career category/month

  • Interactions with career professionals

  • 90+ Hands-on career-related activities

  • 24+ Essential life skills

  • 10+ Role playing sessions

  • 10 + workplace visits

Learn about careers from professionals

Practice the careers you learn about

Connect learnings at school to future work life


Unlock skills for innovation and life

Testimonials From Our Goal Champs

Thanglenlal (Class V)

Father of Tristuv

Kaur (Class IX)

 I really liked the session as my child was really enjoying he really did this session with great enthusiasm and he really liked it and I will really like to thank the teachers of whatismygoal to guide the childrens and I really think that there should be more session like this one. Thank you.

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