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College basketball is a course designed to enable the student to study the theory of basketball and to put the fundamentals of the game to use during intercollegiate competition. Approximately one-third of a two and one half hour session is used in the presentation of basketball theory and the remainder of the period is used for demonstrations and practice of the fundamentals of basketball. Progressively, the theory includes different types of defense and offensive patterns, the principles involved in each of these, the individual performances of the players, and the over-all team effort.


1. Course Prefix/Number: HPER 103

2. Course Title: Varsity Basketball

3. Division: Liberal Arts

4. Program: Physical Education Credit

5. Hours: 1

6. Initiation/Revised Date: Fall 2004

7. Assessment Goal per Outcome(s): 70%


1. The student will develop her individual skill level in shooting, running, passing, ball handling and defense

2. The student will be more marketable to 4 year universities than they were at the entry level


1. Individual Fundamentals

2. Passing

3. Shooting

4. Ball Handling

5. Team Offense

6. Team Defense

7. Individual Defense


Lecture Demonstration Participation

Student Requirements and Method of Evaluation Participation


A 90-100%

B 80-89%

C 70-79%

D 60-69%

F Below 60%


Pretest and Posttest Attendance Policy Absences that occur due to students participating in official college activities are excused except in those cases where outside bodies, such as the State Board of Nursing, have requirements for minimum class minutes for each student. Students who are excused will be given reasonable opportunity to make up any missed work or receive substitute assignments from the instructor and should not be penalized for the absence. Proper procedure should be followed.

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