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Common Thoughts:

 About passenger/customer

 About fare

 About route

What do you do at job:

Drive cabs within city, go for outstation trips

• Picking up and delivering customers

• Taking the fastest and safest route

• Helping to load and unload the vehicle

• Calculating the right fare and returning the correct change

• Keeping your vehicle clean and in good working order (no one wants to get into a broken, untidy taxi)

Types of:

Driver cum owner- Drives a vehicle that he/she owns. Requirements vary by city, the basic requirements are:

 Commercial Driving License with Badge.

 Vehicle RC.

 Vehicle Insurance.

 Vehicle Permit.

 Vehicle Fitness Certificate.

Driver under Partner- Drives a vehicle owned by a non-driving partner. The following are required:

 Commercial Driving License with Badge.

Non Driving Partner- is someone who doesn’t drive on the Uber platform but own vehicle(s) and manages at least one driver. It requires:

 Driving License or Photo ID.

 Vehicle RC.

 Vehicle Insurance.

 Contract Carriage Permit.

Pay Scale:

The salary isn’t a fixed sum of money in most occasions. The drivers earning are mainly based on commission basis and varies depending on his efficiency and current incentive scheme. Some cab owners also pay drivers on per trip basis. Here’s the current trend of Ola/Uber cab drivers

Fixed Salary: Rs Rs 18,000 - Rs 20,000 p.m. (P.S driver needs to complete a weekly target of 110/130 trips)

Commission Based Salary: 25 - 30% (average 26%) of the total earning of four consecutive weeks. This effectively results to around Rs 17,000 - Rs 22,000 depending on the cab owners earning.

Per Trip Based Salary: Rs 55 - Rs 70/trip (most owners following this model pay Rs 60/trip). Therefore, a driver completing 110 trips a week get to earn Rs 26,400 (in four weeks)

Work Timings:

There is no particular time for a cab driver. Whenever the customer feel like going to a destination, then should be on duty. However, the cab services works 24 hrs. It is upon driver to choose the shift as regulated by owner.

Work Place:

Cab driver who drives on road. So, the work place is Road. It may be in any city as per choice of customer.


 No Educational qualification required.

 Driving License required.

Skills required:

 Basic Communication skills required.

 Knowledge about local routes is a plus point.

 Patience to obey customers pleas.

 Helping Nature in lifting Luggage.

Recruitment Process:

Apply for it through app or website of the cab service providing company. You also find classifieds about cab drivers.

After applying, your documents need to be verified, followed by a simple interview.

Parallel revenue sources:

Package delivery or transport. Providing services to software companies and govt offices.

Top companies:

OLA, UBER, In Driver, Prydo, Tora, Cab Indians, etc; Services to IT companies and Govt offices.

Experience Hub:

After retirement:

There is no fixed age of retirement. You can work until you want to or your physical ability help. You can start saving from day 1 and keep investing in mutual fund SIP, SGB, Fixed Deposits, PF helps in wealth creation.

You can create a wealth of ₹50L with an SIP of ₹2000 for 30 years expecting 10% returns p.a.

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