There are two religions in India - Cricket and movies. There are a very small set of people who don't follow both. So naturally, these are the dream careers are many. Suitably so, they are among the top-paying professions. Cricketers are considered to be real-life hero/ines compared to the movie stars. The following and money goes next to none.

Common Thought

Only rich and people with connections become cricketers. They earn heavily.

Though the first statement is partially true to a certain level of getting initial opportunities it is impossible to sustain without enormous talent. To be in the 11 amongst 1 billion people needs great talent, timing, and opportunity. Almost all the well know cricketers are from humble backgrounds except a few.

The famous international cricketers earn enormous amounts equivalent to the earnings of the rest of all the crickets in the country combined. The sad truth is those who aren't on the international stage earn pretty much the same as a normal government employee.

Types of Cricketer

  1. International cricketer

  2. Domestic cricketer

  3. Franchise cricketer


Grade A - 7 crore INR/ year

Grade B - 5 crore INR/ year

Grade C - 3 crore INR/year

Ranji - 12 to 13 Lakh/year

Work Location

22 yards, anywhere in the world.


If you are in the Indian team, it's all about cricket till you retire. Sometimes holidays are meant to play local games, improve your skills. Most of the time if you are not in the top roaster, you need to keep improving to hold onto your place in the team.

Other Options in Hand

Coaching, commentary and brand ambassadors are the most relevant. If you have a secondary skill that you mastered, that is a nice way out.

Job Shift

Unless you are injured or lost belief in your talent, you would want to stay in the field. But if you need to shift, it will involve lots of learning and change in lifestyle.

Flow Chart

Club cricket -> Ranji -> India A -> India

Under 19 -> IPL -> India

Club cricket -> India A -> India

IPL -> India

Best Teams to Play For

Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super kings (IPL). Delhi, Mumbai in Ranji.

Top People to Search For

God of Cricket - Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, Mahendra Sigh Dhoni, Jhulan Goswami, Mithali Raj

Health Effects

Cricketers are injury-prone but lifestyle is healthy.

Experience Hub

At the end:

Bank balance (good person) - 2 crore INR to 1000 crore INR

Closeyss - 20 people

Respect - Good recognition, fans and followers.


Respect stays, people still look up to you. You have many options to choose from - stay in cricket in some other form or try the govt job offered to you.

Early stages

Its fancy, you get a lot of attention, might receive negativity but best of all your presence will be felt.


Enjoy the new lifestyle, this time won’t comeback. If you aren’t successful this is only time for the limelight. Make the best of it, create social media accounts and create a personal brand.

A few years

If you are passionate about cricket and playing in tournaments regularly nothing changes. Your dreams of playing for India stays intact, in case you are not already selected.


Start investing, keep learning a new skill for post-retirment. Cricketers retire early before 40 so they have a long career left, plan it well.


Work pressure: (7/10)

High - Self-induced and peer-induced but it is high. Firstly to get a place, next to retain the place and later for statistics and after that the e