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Common Thoughts:

 To deliver food on time.

 To obtain customer satisfaction.

 To have an idea about local routes.

What do you do at job:

E-commerce delivery, food delivery, courier delivery, any other package delivery from merchant to customer. Collect cash/ receive payment for POD orders and pay them back at office.

Types of Jobs:

Full time/ Part time & Small package (2 wheelers) , large goods (4 wheelers).

Pay Scale:

It may vary from INR 10,000 to INR 40,000 based on working hours, rating, and target reach.

Work Timings:

5 to 10 hours a day is required for a company. However, it is on you to work more time if possible to reach higher target or for promotions,etc.

Work Place:

Travelling on vehicle from office taking products and reaching customer’s door step and delivering products.


 No Educational Qualification required.

 Preferred Own Vehicle.

 Grip on local language.

Skills Required:

 Clean driving record.

 Proven delivery experience is preferred.

 Sound knowledge of road safety regulations.

 Working knowledge of local roads and routes.

 Excellent time management skills.

 Effective communication skills.

Some Mandatory Requirements:

• Smart phone

• A vehicle (Bicycle/2/3/4 wheeler)

• A valid DL

• A valid ID Proof

• A valid PAN Card

• Bank Account

Recruitment Process:

Through advertisements in classifieds based on requirements, few companies has open recruitment through their apps 365 days.

Basic interview is required for hiring

Delivery Boy Recruitment Test - Hire Delivery Boys For Your Organization

• Use smart phones to perform their daily tasks.

• Perform error free dispatch and delivery of items.

• Perform basic calculations during dealings with customers.

• Manage time and navigate directions to reach destinations.

Other Parallel Revenue Sources:

Two wheeler delivery boys can also earn through two wheeler taxi like Rapido, OLA bike,etc.

Best Companies:

 Amazon

 Flipkart



 Club Factory

 Snap Deal

 Swiggy

 Zomato

 Food Panda

 Uber Eats

 Cure fit

 Nykaa

 Myntra

And many more..

Experience Hub:

What are you left with at retirement- You may take early retirement based on your physical ability. There is no fixed retirement age. You can work until you are will to work. You need to plan your finance thought good planning, decreasing unnecessary expenses can save bugs for your future. You can also Invest in chit funds, SIP, FD, RD.

What are you good for after retirement- If you are financially strong enough to survive, you can lean back. If not you can do continue same job or join any job like helper in shops, watchman, etc. If you have any Educational qualifications, you can do suitable job.

Early stages of career- You’ll be energetic and Highly interested. This continues if you are earning well enough

Good Resources:

Job Shifts- Day and Night.

Domain Shift- E-commerce goods, Food delivery, Courier, Electronic showrooms, Grocery stores, etc

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