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"God can be everywhere but created Mom and Doctor to be his representatives. So they are the most respected in the world". Doctors deserve all the respect for the amount of study they grow through, the ever learning approach, and for the work they do.

Common Thought

They make a lot of money, they stop learning after official education, they write bigger prescriptions to make more money, and a few others.

Yes, if they make some good money and they deservedly get so. But not all get enormous amounts, depends on the type and place of work it varies. About the tests and prescriptions, it is always good to know the root cause so that they can treat you better & take medicines to clear the illness completely away. They keep reading and learning all through their life.

* there is a very small percentage of so-called greedy doctors but you can always rely on a doctor to keep you healthy ( see less number of thriller movies ;-) )

Types of Doctors

Specialization: Dentist, Neurologist, Pediatrician

General physician, General practice



General physician - 6 Lakh INR/year

General surgeon - 12 Lakh INR/year

Cardiologist - 16 Lakh INR/year

Dermatologist - 12 Lakh INR/year

Work Location

Corporate hospitals - Metro and Tier 1 cities

Government hospitals - Starts with your choice - City/village

Own Clinic/hospital - Anywhere


Weekly 2 to 3 days holidays. Long leaves can be planned based on the structure of the hospital you work in. 5 weeks can be availed in most cases. If you own your clinic, it is as you wish.

Other Options in Hand

Start your own clinic

Teach to medical students in college

Tutor students through ed-tech companies

Flow Chart

10th -> 12th BiPC -> MBBS -> (specilization) On-campus / off campus interview

* Completing masters will have a major increase in the package.

Best Companies

NIMS, RIMS, Apollo, Yashodha, and govt hospitals

Top People to Search For

Ashok Ragopal, Indira Hinduja, Kamini A.Rao, Priyadarshi Rajan ...

Experience Hub

At the end

Bank balance (good person) - 2cr to 20cr

Closeyss - 20 people

Respect - Highly respected and sometimes revered.


The doctor is almost never retired unless physically unwell. If in good physical condition, teaching and mentoring is always an opportunity if the career was infamous places (corporates and big gov hospitals). If you lead a normal doctor life in tier 2 or tier 3 towns, retirement is like any other government profession.

Early stages

Being a doctor is noble, most of your early age and stage goes for field practice or say guidance of senior or similar. Let us call it extended learning period.


Enjoy the new lifestyle, don't get a credit card, spend an hour each day to learn something unrelated to your profession, go on trips, pay for experiences(travel, food, parties) than products, buy gifts for your family (once in 4 months, not more).

A few years

This is the actual beginning of your career, you start to earn a lot based on the decision you take (where and how to work). You start gettting an individual identity, respect and a good place in the society.


Never leave the doctor community, have friends in as many places as possible. Build a good reputation. Even if you need to leave the career path, you should stay in close contact to the doctor community. Plan for a hospital in a rural place, you might get lucky of winning a sponsorship and at the same time immense satisfaction of doing a great thing.


Work pressure: (7/10)

High - If you are a specialist surgeon in a tightly scheduled hospital, you would have a very tough time in getting any free time.

Normal - In a proper setup, a well planned and implemented hospital, you would have a regular 9 to 5 kind of life. If you are a general physician and in a nice setup.

Patience: (7/10)

High: While doing complex surgeries for long hours. During pandemics and extra ordinary cases, it will be over your head. The moral, professional obligations combined with family emotions makes it really tough.

Normal: Years of study, internship and first few years impart good amount of patience to you. If you are a doctor, you will have enough amount of patience already to survive well.

Sub-ordination: (4/10)

High: If you are working in a corporate with bad bosses ,high salaries along with poor performance, you might need to be highly subordinate. Else being Doctor means you are among the most respected.

Normal: Its like any other job where you need to respect your seniors. Till you get solo recognition, you might need to be a bit low for your mentoring doctors but else you can treat everyone as equals like in a software job.

Happiness Index: 6/10

Degree of boredom/mundane tasks: 7/10

Analytical capability: (7/10)

Fast learning capability: (6/10)

Emotional intelligent: (9/10)

Physical fitness: (7/10)

Retention of information: (7/10)

Capacity to handle failure: (8/10)

Boring index: (5/10)

Family attachment index: (6/10)


Job relevance: Forever, as long as there are human beings Doctors are relevant.

Sustainable goals: SDG 3

The Office

Dress code: Traditional coat and accesories are expected inside the hospital.

Work schedule: 9am to 5pm is the norm. But usually, it is from 9am to 6.30pm.

Shifts: Some job roles demand you to work in one of the three shifts. 6am to 3pm; 9 am to 5pm; night shift.

Major challenges: Management politics, Annonying patients, long work hours.

More Details

Pros of Becoming a Doctor

It is a matter of immense pride and honor for anyone to be a successful doctor.

The career as a doctor brings with it monetary benefits as well as job satisfaction.

There are diverse job opportunities available for doctors. They can join private hospitals, government hospitals, clinics as well as NGOs.

Cons of Becoming a Doctor

As a hospital doctor, you can expect long hours, including weekends and night shifts.

Patients’ life and safety rests in doctors hands. So, there can be no room for error, when it comes to this profession (depending upon the specialty/specialization).

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