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Esports…New way to meet great people online.

Esports stands for electronic sports.The competition is particularly between professional gamers. It is a form of competition in which people compete using video games. It can be as a team or an individual.

Most competitive Esports games are 

  • Valorant

  • League of legends

  • Player's Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)

  • Dota 2

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)


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Esports in India

Esports is finally recognized as a multi-sport event by the Government of India. Gaming industry will be governed by India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, as per the new amendment. Esports has gained a lot of prominence in India, and across the world in recent times. The concept of Esports made a huge place in the hearts of the country's young gaming population and also in the entertainment platform. The boosters to the gaming industry are the gaming influencer, youtubers like Dynamo gaming, Scout and many more. The gap between the other leading Esports countries is getting closer and the number of Esports athletes are continuously rising.

India even won bronze for esports at the Commonwealth Games: The Indian Dota 2 team won the bronze medal in Commonwealth Esports Championship. They defeated New Zealand with 2-0 in the best of three format match.

If a student want to make a career in the Esports then he should focus on certain things:

Genre: A professional gamers.

Choose a panel: There are many panels where all the gamers can interact with each other. This interaction can make a good start for a gaming journey. Creating a team or joining: This is the next big step for a gamer. Joining a team brings many benefits, they can become professional players, and can compete as a team.

Tournaments: Teams should start competing in tournaments.

 If a person wants to join in any Esports competition they should know certain things:

There are two platforms where a player can participate, 


  • Official one can be played through the game itself. The company of the game organises the competition and the players can register in it and can play making their own teams. They need to qualify the matches and then they can win the prizes and cash. 


  • The unofficial competitions are conducted by companies or small organisations. People can join them through discord servers, whatsapp groups and other platforms. 

Some companies that organises Esports:

  • Valorant challengers 2023 vietnam split 1 rising stars 1  on  06.01.23 - 08.01.23 

  • LFL Division 2 Spring 2023 on 10.01.23 


  • DPC CN 2023 Tour 1: Division I on 05.01.23 - 03.02.23 

  • OMEN WGR European Challenge 2023: Open Qualifier on 07.01.23 - 08.01.23 

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