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Probably the first profession ever. It is relevant today and will be for quite a few more years. The style and process have changed and will improve over time but the foundation is always the same: Feed the world. It is one of the most underrated yet highly important careers.

Common Thought

Farming is only for village people, uneducated and who can't go for other jobs. They do it because they don't have a choice.

The reality is, they do it because they love it, they do it because they can do it, they do it because they want to feed the world. Doctors, engineers, and other heavily paid professionals have left their jobs to start farming after they understood the beauty behind it.

Types of Farmers

Traditional and corporate. Organic and regular. For passion /for profit.

You can follow the traditional practices/new strategies over a piece of land you own or leased. Or if you are wealthy enough get a huge area and do organic farming which is today one of the most profitable ventures.


Average Indian farmer : 10000 INR/month

Best average Indian : 1 Lakh INR/month

Corporate farming : 10 Lakh INR/month

Work Location

Wherever you have your farm.


Depends on the crop you are farming.

Other Options in Hand

With time you get to learn a lot of skills. Along with regular farming you will acquire capability to handle any other manual works and management capability. The experience in the field will allow you to handle other similar works like poultry, plumbing and relevant with little training.

Flow Chart

It comes naturally to a farmer's family but today when there is huge need for farmers, any person with intermediate or graduation will be suitable to use a mix of traditional and contemporary approches for farming.

Best Examples

Lanuakum Imchen, Manoj Kumar, Kailash Ram Netam, Sachin Tanaji Yavale. We may also include names like Ambanis and Bill gates if we consider owners.

Tops Things to Search For

Organic farming, Farmer suicides, Need for educated farmers.

Health Effects

The touch of nature and lots of physical work keeps your immunity high. But low income will be hindrance to healthy diet. If your diet is properly handled, and you are exposed to less amout of pesticides, this is one of the healthiest professions. You will have peace of mind.

Experience Hub

At the End

Bank balance (good person) - 2L to 1 crore INR

Closeyss - 20 people

Respect - Lets say you will have love amongst your family and peers, and respect shown in movies and rare discussions by Politicians.


Unfortunately, today the knowledge of farmers are not tapped into. Unless you think of an innovative way, you are deemed as another old person after you retirement.

Early Stages

If you are from a farmer family, you should have been used to this. But if you are jumping into it as a profession from else where,the immmense physical work will worry you initially. Nevertheless there are high chances that mother earth will make you love the work.


Don't take it as a responsibility or you sacrificing an amazing career to do this. Learn & understand the fact that this is one of the most noblest professions, if executed properly is more profitable than you 9 to 5 job and that you are doing good for yourself by choosing this healthy and happy career.

A Few Years

You should have already learned the world of farming, the nature of your soil and many more things that it is the time you start experimenting to improve the productivity. The soil becomes a matter of pride and you treat it with respect. You become a more responsible human being. Money might still be a problem, for you to have an exponential rise in money(which most of the farmers won't need or think of ), you might need to start adding more income soureces.


Let investing be a part of your expenditure plan. Automate the processes. Use the best of technology wherever you feel right.


Work pressure: (4/10)

High - Famines and floods are the toughest times if your farm is prone to those. And the stage of bringing your crop to market is the toughest time.

Low - As long as your personal life is good, the work will never hurt you. Small field fights happen regularly which spices your day. If you are educated enough, you will handle it with a pinch of smile.

Normal - Self-induced pressure to perform and earn better.

Patience: (6/10)

It takes time to see the results of your effort. It varies based on the crop. But it comes naturally to you once you hear of Agriculture (ofcourse if you are Daddy's little princess or Momma's boy who think we get rice from super market) , and it gives you strength.

Sub-ordination: ( 5/10)

High: Having your own field is like entreprenuership. You take the calls. The highest level of sub-ordination is with the middle men while selling the produce, but if you are in demand even this isn't necessary.

Normal: Most of the time over the year, you are the queen or king of your land and world.

Happiness Index: 7/10

Degree of boredom/mundane tasks: 3/10

Analytical capability: (4/10)

Fast learning capability: (4/10)

Emotional intelligence : (6/10)

Physical fitness : (7/10)

Retention of information : (5/10)

Capacity to handle failure : (6/10)

Boring index : (5/10)

High: If you have taken up farming for any other reasons other than passion and love it is quite boring without those entertainment and challenging days you dream of.

Low: Its hard work, sweat. No usual thoughts of entertainment than completion of work.

Family attachment index: (6/10)

Normal: You almost always live with your family. You tend to build your living near you farm.


Job relevance: 70% (It could be automated in distant future but you have a big role ).

Sustainable goals: SDG 2

The Office

Dress code: Flexible, but usually not the suit and boot style.

Work schedule: 8 to 4 (Depends on the crop but usually day job).

Major Challenges

  1. Climate

  2. Price of crop

  3. Adulterated seeds

  4. Adulteraded accesories

  5. Low income

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