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Machine Learning Experts

Common thoughts:

A different way of programming

What do you do at job?

Machine learning is an application of AI wherein the system learns and improves on its own without being programmed. Machine learning experts are the professionals who build these self-learning systems.

Responsibilities of ML experts

• To perform statistical analysis

• To fine-tune test results

• To train and retrain ML systems

• To work on new ML experiments and projects

• To design ML programs and algorithms and implement them for suitable business requirements.

Pay scale:

Average Machine learning engineer salary in India is ₹691,892.

Machine learning engineers with less than 1-year experience can earn ₹501,058 per annum. Early level professionals can expect compensation of ₹698,443. After the machine learning professional gains more experience (10 to 19 years), they earn a whopping ₹1,948,718 per annum.

Work timings:

It depends on the organization; it may be day shift or night shift too. We can say the average work time is 9 hours per day.

Work Place:

It can be either office or work from home.


Educational Qualification

B.E./B.Tech in Computer Science/Mathematics/Statistics/Information Technology or Data Science (if possible).

Higher degrees, such as postgraduate or doctorate degrees in similar fields are also highly valued in the industry.

Skills required:

• Programming in R / Python

• Strong statistical knowledge

• Excellent data modelling and data architecture skills.

• Proficiency in working with ML frameworks such as TensorFlow or Keras.

• Strong written and oral communication translated as the ability to prepare presentations, progress reports, and interactive data visualizations

• Ability to convey complex data into non-technical insights and possible decisions.

Recruitment process:

• Initial screen

• Technical screen

• Onsite interview

Best companies:

• Gramener.

• Ati Motors.

• Nebulaa.

• ValueCoders.

• Pixel Crayons.

• Amazon

• Accenture

• Zycus

• Capital Business Consulting


• ITC Infotech

Top people:

 Geoffrey Hinton

 Michael I Jordan

 Andrew Ng

 Jeff Hawkins

 Yann LeCun

 Terry Sejnowski

 David M. Blei

 Daphne Koller

 Zoubin Ghahramani

 Sebastian Thrun

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