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Management Consultant

Common thoughts:

• To hold meetings with clients to discuss areas of proposed improvements.

• To perform quantitative and qualitative analysis for a proposed solution.

• To present the findings from the analyses before the client.

• To develop and present a plan to implement the recommended changes/solution.

What do you do at job?

The primary role of management consultants is to help companies solve problems, improve performance, and maximize growth. You’ll be concerned with the strategy, structure, management, and operations of the company.

Types of Management consultant:

 Strategy consultant

 Management consultant

 Operations consultant

 Financial advisory consultant

 Human resource consultant

 IT consultant

Pay scale:

The average annual salary of Management Consultants in India is Rs. 11, 28,850. The Management Consultant salary in India depends on company size, location, education qualifications, skill set, and experience.

Usually, entry-level Management Consultants (having no or less than one year of work experience) can earn an average yearly compensation of Rs 6, 45,841, whereas a candidate with 1-4 years of work experience can make around Rs. 8, 72,252 LPA. Mid-level Management Consultants (with 5-9 years of experience) earn an average annual package of Rs. 13, 06,183. On the other hand, senior-level Management Consultants having over 10-15 years of experience make around Rs. 19.5 – 23 LPA.

Work timings:

Most consultants work for 50 to 80 hours in a week. Official consulting work hours may start from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. but consultants never seem to have enough within that 8-hour period.

Work place:

It is work from office.


Educational qualifications

Management Consultants must possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business-related fields. Although candidates from all fields can get an entry in Management Consulting, some specializations like Finance, Economics, or Accounting, are preferred. Today, Management Consulting certifications are also gaining acceptance and acknowledgement by many companies.

Skills required:

• Knowledge of business, finance, economics, mathematics

• Ability to work as part of a team

• Interpersonal and communication skills – oral and written

• Problem-solving skills

• Ability to cope with challenges and pressure

Recruitment process:

• Company presentations/mixers/information sessions

• Application – resume + cover letter

• Interview (phone)

• Interview (in-person)

• The Waiting Period

• The Offer

Other parallel revenue resources:

 Taking paid webinars from home

 Web design

Best companies:

• McKinsey & Co.


• PwC

• Accenture

• Deloitte

• Ernst & Young

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