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Singing is a default skill to everyone. One time or the other either with friends, family or alone everyone sings. Good part about arts is you can have it as a part time option.

Common Thought

Singing is a talent that comes with birth or the family!! But guys listen, anyone can learn singing and be the next Shreya/Arijith if you give it right practise and have enough luck ;-)

Types of Works

  1. Playback singing

  2. Concert/event

  3. Independent/Youtube


Playback singer: 5k to 2L INR/song

Event/concert: 20k to 3L INR/event

Work Location

Client location - Official: Studios in metropolitans.

Events: Metropolitan to tier 2 cities.


Based on the bookings. You are free to schedule your calendar.

Other Options in Hand

Youtube, events, independent music,anchoring, etc.

Job Shift

There cannot be a shift from music, another income source can be sought out for based on other skills.

Flow Chart

Identification -> training -> practise -> recording -> Singer

* Anyone can be a singer. It needs patience, practise and interest in music.

Best Music Directors to Work With

AR Rehman, Gopi sunder, Thaman SS,DSP,Vishal shekhar, Pritam

Top People to Search For

Arijith Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Sid Sriram

Health Effects

Voice has to be taken care of. Very high or low temperatures are ain’t good for the voice. Excessive singing affects the throat.

Experience Hub

At the End

Bank balance (good person) - 20L to 10cr

Closeyss - 20 people

Respect - Good recognition, fans and followers.


Not of much use to any company but a few get to be

Advisors, coaches and supervisors for music.

Early Stages

Its fancy, you get a lot of attention, might receive negativity but best of all your presence will be felt.


Enjoy the new lifestyle, this time won’t comeback. If you aren’t successful this is only limelight time. Make a youtube channel and try your luck.

A Few Years

If you aren’t getting regular bookings, the future looks weak and you feel low. Its always good to have more revenue sources and singing being the passion.


Start saving some money every month and apply for insurances. Continue singing, No one knows when your time comes strong.


Work pressure: (5/10)

High - When you have too many songs to sing, late night songs and the music directors doesn’t wait for your calendar. You might need to miss many opportunities because of dates/timing clash which has the potential to end the working relation with the music director.

Low - If this isn’t your main source of income, the life with singing is very good and no pressure.

Normal - It can be stressful at times, when new singers come and overtake you. You always need to keep impressing people.

Patience: (5/10)

High: While doing live shows, you might need to handle many situations and still continue the show. Audience booing , commenting is a very common thing to face so having patience at the point of time is very important.

Normal: So many takes while recording for movies/similar won’t be an issue since this is what you love, it won’t irritate you if you are a good singer.

Sub-ordination: (8/10)

High: However good you are, you need to be liked by music directors for opportunities. Talent takes you the top 10 but after that how much the music director wants you on the song is what matters, hence being sub-ordinate is a must is play back singing is in your check list. If you want to be an independent singer, then you are what you want to be.

Normal: Being humble is a very important feature unless you are the rockstar of the time. Since the payment depends on the clients, being subordinate to them is kinda expected for upcoming singers, but once you grow high, it won’t matter much.

Analytical capability: (3/10)

Fast learning capability: (4/10)

Emotional intelligent: (5/10)

Physical fitness: (4/10)

Retention of information: (3/10)

Capacity to handle failure: (5/10)

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