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Winter Camp for Children - December Edition

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

WhatIsMyGoal concludes yet another exciting Winter Camp for children where they experienced four major career domains:

● Entrepreneurship

● Software

● Media and Arts

● Military

Students involved in the winter camp got a first-hand experience of the career domains through interaction with experts and professionals, hands on activities and visits. They also got an opportunity to build on their life skills while having fun, making this a priceless experience.


Day 1 at the Winter Camp for Children

Domain : Entrepreneurship, Software

Venue: T- Hub

T-Hub is the world’s largest innovation centre that supports some of the most innovative and disruptive startups in the world.

Life Skills

● Communication

● Team work

● Negotiation

● Willingness to take bold risks

T-Hub hyderabad , winter camp
Idea pitching at T-Hub


● Negotiated for a chocolate or selfie

● Blindfold activity

● Idea pitching with a business model

● Communicated with startup founders and software companies

Words from a student about Day 1

WhatIsMyGoal's winter camp experience with T-Hub felt like heaven


Day 2 at the Winter Camp for Children

Domain: Media and Arts

Venue: Ramanaidu Studios

It is one of India's largest film production companies with state-of-art technologies in creation and editing.


● Learnt the process of filmmaking

● Interacted with SURESH BABU, owner of Ramanaidu Studios and the producer of Telugu films

● Toured Ramanaidu Studio to experience technical aspects of cinema

● Drafted and produced a short film


● Visual storytelling

● Technological expertise

● Patience

Words from a parent

Our child loved the day so much that they journaled their days to not forget the experience.

Words from Suresh Babu Sir to the children

There is always a story in life, find your own story


Day 3 at the Winter Camp for Children

Domain: Military

Venue: Army base, Mehadipatnam

It shelters military equipments, personnel and facilities for training and operations.


● Air rifle shooting

● They experienced a demonstration of the military weapons

● They got to interact with men in uniform

● Experienced a simulation of a battlefield

● Learnt about the iconic battle of Basantar

Life skills

● Leadership

● Self discipline and need to be physically active

● Handling a critical situation

Day 3 through a child's experience

I really liked experiencing the weapons."

How did i miss this camp!

If this is your reaction, just scan the code below and you can be a part of our upcoming camps in January.

Click the link below to check out the video of Winter Camp.

WhatIsMyGoal aims at making the new generations experience the world of work closely and acquire skills and knowledge to be future-ready. The winter camp for children is a window into what children can experience and do with WhatIsMyGoal. To give your children the opportunity to deep dive into specific domains check out our Kratos Program.

Click here for Kratos Program

WhatIsMyGoal prepares children to make important decisions relevant for their future. A survey shows 93% of students are aware about just 7 career options. Surprisingly, PISA survey carried out in 2000, shows that young people appear to be picking their dream jobs only from among the most popular, traditional occupations, like teachers, lawyers or doctors. Their choices are heavily influenced by gender and social background.

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