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Young Voices, Bright Future: WhatIsMyGoal's Under 18 Elections

Imagine a world where even before you turn 18, your voice matters, and you get to be a part of important decisions just like grown-ups! That's exactly what happened with Whatismygoal's Under 18 elections. This exciting journey started with the launch of these special elections by KTR, and it has been an adventure filled with learning, teamwork, and making a difference.

A Unique Beginning

Our journey kicked off with the launch of the Under 18 elections by the IT minister of Telangana, Mr KT Rama Rao.

Launch of the Under 18 Elections by the IT Minister of Telangana, KTR

This means that kids like you, as young as 9, got the chance to have a say in choosing leaders! Shanta Thoutam and school principals even unveiled the Under 18 poster to get everyone excited.

Launch of the Under 18 elections poster by Dr Shanta Thoutam

Exploring New Territories: The Legislative Assembly and Secretariat of Telangana experience

Have you ever wondered what happens inside the Legislative Assembly or the Secretariat? Well, the MLA aspirants from various schools didn't just wonder – they experienced it firsthand! They stepped into the shoes of real legislators and learned about how important decisions are made. But that's not all; The election officers later explored the Secretariat of Telangana. It was like stepping into the heart of where decisions are shaped and learning about the processes that keep the state running.

Students experience the Legislative Assembly of Telangana

The Election Buzz

And then, the real action began! The Under 18 election officers took on the important job of telling their fellow students all about the Under 18 Elections and the exciting Under 18 Assembly. They became like messengers of change, spreading the word and inspiring everyone to get involved.

Election Officers Coming Together

All the election officers from different schools came together at Sattva Knowledge City. This was like a big meeting of minds, where they learned about the election process, how aspiring leaders could become MLA candidates for three awesome parties – Green, Future, and People's Party.

Under 18 election officers meeting

MLA Candidates Teaming Up

Imagine this: students from different schools, each with their own ideas, coming together to work as a team. That's exactly what happened when the Under 18 MLA candidates got together. They learned how to put their heads together and create a logo, a slogan, and a manifesto – things that represent what their party stands for. Everything happened in the JNTU auditorium.

Beyond the Ballot:

But the excitement didn't stop with the election officers and MLA candidates. Everyone wanted to be part of this amazing journey. That's why we introduced the Under 18 clans like Anchors, Designers, and many others. Anchors got to interview the MLA candidates, Designers used their creativity to make campaigning posters, and each clan contributed in its own unique way.

Singer clan launch: LV Revanth, Indian idol winner

Movie maker launch: Shobu Yarlagadda, producer of Baahubali

Innovators clan launch: Dr Shanta Thoutam, Chief Innovation officer of Telangana

Imagine being in the shoes of a news anchor or a designer! The clans allowed students to experience different aspects of the election process. It's like trying out different roles in a play – each one important in making the show a success.

Launch of the Under 18 singers clan by LV Revanth

Campaigning and Countdown

As the journey reached its final stages, students got even more involved. They started campaigning, sharing their ideas and promises with their peers. But that's not all – they also selected ambassadors to represent them, young leaders who would stand up for what they believed in.

Campaigning by Under-18 MLA Candidates of Delhi Public School Constituency

The Big Day: The Elections

And now, the moment everyone has been waiting for – the elections within the school! It's like a real-life adventure, where every student gets to cast their vote and play a part in choosing the future leaders.

Our Community of 100,000 Under 18 Citizens

The Tomorrow

The journey of Whatismygoal's Under 18 elections has been nothing short of amazing. Young minds came together, learned how to make choices, and discovered the power of teamwork. So, whether you're a 9-year-old dreaming big or an 18-year-old ready to step into the world, remember: your voice matters, and you can make a difference, no matter your age!

The Under 18 Elections will culminate with the swearing-in ceremony of the Under 18 MLAs, Ministers and the CM at The Tomorrow, the happiest Under 18 festival.

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