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Summer Euphoria Experience (2/5 days, all day)

Explore the roles of three to five career domains: engineering, entrepreneurship, design, psychology and art. Mix and and mingle with professionals, and get hands-on with activities.

Program details

- 2/5 days of edutainment

- Experience 5+ careers

- Networking with peers

Day 1:

Live in the life of an engineer and a designer

Interact with an engineer and a designer

Hands-on activities related to engineering

Day 2:

Live in the life of an entrepreneur

Talk to founders and professionals from startup ecosystem

Dissect a startup and engage in a marketing activity

Day 3:

Live in the life of a psychologist

Talk to professionals and understand psychological concepts

Psychological analysis and hypothesis formation

Day 4:

Live in the life of an artist

Interact with artist to understand different avenues of business

Gallery walk and art stations

Day 5


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