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Summer Euphoria Experience Mastery (9 days, all day)

Experience the fascinating worlds of seven to eight different careers, including entrepreneurs, economists, psychologists, engineers, and more. Connect with professionals, chat with them, and dive into hands-on activities to get a real feel for what each job involves.

Program details

- 9 days of edutainment

- Experience 5+ careers

- Networking with peers

Day 1:

Live in the life of an engineer and a designer

Interact with an engineer and a designer

Hands-on activities related to engineering

Day 2:

Live in the life of an entrepreneur

Talk to founders and professionals from startup ecosystem

Dissect a startup and engage in a marketing activity

Day 3:

Live in the life of a psychologist

Talk to professionals and understand psychological concepts

Psycholgical analysis and hypothesis formation

Day 4:

Live in the life of an artist

Interact with artist to understand different avenues of business

Gallery walk and art stations

Day 5


Day 6:

Live in the life of a movie maker

Talk to writers, directors, actors and technicians from the movie industry

Write, direct and create a short film

Day 7:

Live in the life of a banker

Interact with bankers, accountants and other from the field

Build a bank and understand the banking ecosystem

Day 8:

Live in the life of a doctor

Talk to doctors and medical staff

Hands-on activities related to the medicine field

Day 9:


Project presentation

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