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Summer Kratos Mini Internship: Business Rockstar (6 days)

Explore the life of an entrepreneur. Talk to professionals from fields of your interest, and shadow the experts for a taste of the real deal.

Program details

Deep dive into the world of entrepreneurship: 6 days, 2 h each

Program Structure:

1. Professional Interactions: Scheduled sessions with professionals in business for insights, Q&A, and networking.

2. On-site visits to local businesses for a firsthand understanding.

3. After the 6-day program, select students to shadow professionals from different fields:

- With the insights gained from the program, students shadow professionals from law, movie making, engineering and more

- Mentorship by professionals for project development

Program Schedule:

Day 1:

- Introduction to the world of business

- Making an impactful introduction

- Get an idea

Day 2:

- Startup Roast: Analysing startups with a 13-point framework

- Building the idea: Applying the learnings from other startups

Day 3:

- Marketing and sales: AIDA model and MIE (My Internal External) circle framework

- Ethos, pathos and logos in marketing and sales (Negotiation techniques)

Day 4:

-Building your MVP

Day 5:

- Budgeting and financial analysis through on-site local business visits

Day 6:

- Networking (Deeper understanding of the MIE circle framework) and making the first sale

-Final project presentation, peer and mentor feedback

Day 7+1+..:

- Meet professionals from fields of your interest and shadowing their work

- Assist the professional in one of their projects

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