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Summer Kratos Mini Internship 5 days Hybrid

Explore the life of an entrepreneur. Build your startup, experience the skills such as handling failure, navigating uncertainty, and more.

Program details

Deep dive into the world of entrepreneurship: 5 days, 2 h each

Program Structure:

1. Professional Interactions: Scheduled sessions with professionals in business for insights, Q&A, and networking.

2. On-site visits to local businesses for a firsthand understanding.

Program Schedule:

Day 1: Offline

- Introduction to the world of business

- Making an impactful introduction

- Get an idea

Day 2: Offline

- Startup Roast: Analysing startups with a 13-point framework

- Building the idea: Applying the learnings from other startups

Day 3: Offline

- Marketing and sales: AIDA model and MIE (My Internal External) circle framework

- Ethos, pathos and logos in marketing and sales (Negotiation techniques)

Day 4: Online

-Building your MVP

Day 5: Online

- Final project presentation, peer and mentor feedback

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