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Winter Experience: Kratos Mini Internship (January 8th to 16th, 2024)

INR 8000

7 days, 2 h each

    T-Hub Phase 2, Inorbit Mall Road, Vittal Rao Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Program Details

    Deep dive into the world of entrepreneurship & AI or Movie making and entrepreneurship

    Program Structure:

    1. Professional Interactions: Scheduled sessions with professionals in business, AI and movie making for insights, Q&A, and networking.

    2. On-site visits to local businesses, AI based companies and movie studios for a firsthand understanding.

    3. Real-World Projects:
    - Collaborative projects with industry relevance.
    - Mentorship by professionals during project development.

    4. Summer Internship Selection:
    - Evaluation based on project performance, participation, and professional interactions.
    - Top-performing students to be selected for exclusive summer internships.

    Program Schedule:

    Day 1:
    - Introduction to the world of business, AI/Movie making through interactions
    Day 2:
    - Business fundamentals through real-world activities
    Day 3:
    - Marketing and sales by dissecting startups
    - Ethos, pathos and logos in marketing and sales (Negotiation techniques)
    Day 4:
    - Budgeting and financial analysis
    Day 5:
    - Artificial intelligence/Movie making fundamentals through real-world activities
    Day 6:
    - Artificial intelligence in business/ Movie making & business
    - Group projects
    Day 7:
    - Final project presentation, peer and mentor feedback
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