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Finance and Psychology (4 Days)

Live in the roles of psychologists and finance experts. Mix and mingle with professionals, get hands-on with activities, and shadow the experts for a taste of the real deal.

Program details

Step into the world of finance & psychology with the mini internship program for 4 days.

Program Structure:

1. Professional Interactions: Scheduled sessions with professionals for insights, Q&A, and networking.

2. On-site visits for a firsthand understanding.

3. Real-World Projects:

- Collaborative projects with industry relevance.

- Mentorship by professionals during project development.

4. Certification and profile building:

- Earn certifications from WhatIsMyGoal and reputable technical service providers, ensuring a well-rounded profile for future success.

Program Schedule:

Day 1:

- Exposure to the skills of a psychologist: Observation, self-awareness and communication

- Introduction to the daily schedule of a psychologist

Day 2:

- Practice the skills of a psychologist: Analytical and listening skills

- Deep dive into the daily schedule of a psychologist

Day 3:

- Prioritisation and budgeting

- Understanding financial terms by analysing financial statements

Day 4:

- Explore the different professions in the finance world

- Understand market trends and human emotions entwined in an exploration of wealth and behaviour

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