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NRI Under-18 Elections

The Under-18 world is special. It is a world where students experience careers, develop skills, and live a life of edutainment. We need leaders for this world; we need to view politics as a potential career. We being NRIs, have tad bit more love towards the country due to Home sickness. These Under-18 elections are conducted to create voter awareness amongst Indians and also get Under-18 NRIs closer to the country as leaders.

All about NRI Under-18 elections

Process of NRI Under-18 Elections

At the end of NRI Under-18 elections, we will have One MLA per state in your country, 10 IAS officers and one THE TOMMOROW cell established in each constituency.  Below are the steps to conduct the NRI Under-18 elections:

Step 1: (Election officers selection)

NRI association selects/nominates two active students from class 10 teenagers to take the role of election officers.  

Highlights of Under-18 Elections Hyderabad

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