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Medical & Paramedical (5 Days)

Experience the healthcare industry. Live in the roles of doctors, paramedics and other medical staff through practical skills, interactions and on-site visits.

Program details

Program Structure:

1. Professional Interactions: Scheduled sessions with professionals for insights, Q&A, and networking.

2. On-site visits for a firsthand understanding.

3. Real-World Projects:

- Collaborative projects with industry relevance.

- Mentorship by professionals during project development.

4. Certification and profile building:

- Earn certifications from WhatIsMyGoal and reputable technical service providers, ensuring a well-rounded profile for future success.

Program Schedule:

Day 1

Introduction to Medicine and Interaction with Doctors

  • Introduction to the course objectives and outline.

  • Overview of different fields in medicine and paramedical.

  • Panel discussion with experienced doctors from various specialties.

  • Q&A session for students to interact with doctors and ask questions about their specialties.

Day 2

Hands-on Activities and Communication Skills

  • Workshop on effective communication skills for healthcare professionals.

  • Role-playing scenarios to practice patient-doctor communication.

  • Practical sessions on networking within the medical community.

  • Group activities to develop teamwork skills essential in healthcare settings.

Day 3

Understanding Diverse Medical Fields

  • Rotating sessions where students visit different departments (e.g., surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics).

  • Talks from specialists in each department about their roles, challenges, and rewards.

  • Case study discussions related to the fields visited in the morning.

  • Small group discussions on the interdisciplinary nature of healthcare and the importance of collaboration.

Day 4

Hands-on Clinical Skills and Decision Making

  • Simulation exercises focusing on clinical skills such as patient examination, taking medical histories, and basic procedures.

  • Workshops on decision-making under pressure and prioritizing patient care.

  • Interactive sessions with paramedics to understand their roles and responsibilities.

  • Scenario-based learning to simulate emergency situations and appropriate responses.

Day 5

Medical Site Exposure

  • Guided tour of a hospital or medical facility.

  • Observation of medical procedures and interactions between healthcare professionals and patients.

  • Debriefing session where students reflect on their experiences throughout the week.

  • Wrap-up session with insights from instructors and advice for students pursuing careers in medicine and paramedical fields.

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