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How did you fix your goal?

Parents || Friends || Tv || Socia media || It feels great

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Do you know how to achieve it?

Information || Pros || Cons || Contacts || tasks

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We were one of you, we already faced what you are facing now!! We are students, we are employees planning to change jobs, we are You who is giving 100% to achieve the set Goal.

What we do:

We provide the right information  and services to help you to

a) Fix your goal

         b)  Achieve your goal

The doors to the information you are looking for are here:


Our services


To fix a goal and to achieve that goal

Goal counselling

I want to quit software job and start something else!!

Which stream to take in my engineering?

If I start now, can I become a cricketer?

Talk to industry experts and get your queries resolved. 

Meet my idol

What other greater learning is available other than learning from your idol in your dream field.

A cricketer talking to you about cricket, an MIT alumni talking about MIT college, few undergrad students in final year talking to your regarding which stream is cooler.

Online information

Available courses after 10th, Jobs available after 12th, Requirements to be a hockey player and other similar information is hosted on the


We are crowd sourcing data from the users, students, professors and finalizing it after proper validation from relevant subject/job experts.

School/college family

Setting a goal and achieving it

is also a big goal.

We at WhatIsMyGoal built technology and devised services

to support your students to fix a goal.

Data based approach along with 

scientifically proven strategies are used.

Trusted by Students, Professionals, Colleges and schools Throughout the Country.

Let's build your college's online world

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Organized and Efficient

"Leveraging the power of Digital is proving useful. "




“The information related to courses after 10th helped me a lot״ 


11th grade


Quite useful nowadays to conduct online classes and give assignments.



Don't let REALITY strike you while deciding your goal

When I was 10 years old: I will be Sachin Tendulkar. I was 14 when I decided to host the Oscars. At 19 I wanted to travel the world alone. With age the expectations reduce, REALITY strikes : "I will" changes to "I want". 

When you want to decide your goal, forget this reality and imagine yourself in your dream role,live in it and understand whether it suits you. I did it at 16: I imagined myself as a Bollywood star- I am famous, I love it but I need to keep doing movies to  stay in limelight, its kinda boring after a time. Being an innovating entrepreneur turned out to my best.

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