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Under18 Elections

WhatIsMyGoal's Under 18 World


We represent the

Under-18 World

Our Philosophy

 Explore 250+ opportunities

  • A basic understanding of the different career domains

 Experience 24 opportunities

  • Live in the 24 career domains through interactions with professionals, workplace visits and activities. 

Excel in 4 opportunities

  • Kratos: Business rockstar, Movie moughal, Designer, and more

  • Apprenticeship

  • Mentorship

Let's talk more

For grade 5 to 9

For grade 9 and above

For grade 5 and above

Programs Offered by WhatIsMyGoal 

10-day program with Maria_s Public School.jpeg


Live in 24 careers through interactions, activities and fun


Experience camps

2 days of full day camps during weekends, experiencing 3 career


Business Rockstar & more

Advanced experience camps to immerse into the life of entrepreneurs. movie stars, hackers and other careers


Kratos Internships - Travel in Your Dream Career

Little Business Rockstar

Next Coder

Space Enthusiast

Budding Designer

More Internships Coming Soon!

Join the Under 18 Clans


Child on Tablet


Paint Brushes


+30 other exciting clans to choose from

Our students come from

Testimonials From Our Goal Champs

Thanglenlal (Class V)

 I really liked the session as my child was really enjoying he really did this session with great enthusiasm and he really liked it and I will really like to thank the teachers of whatismygoal to guide the childrens and I really think that there should be more session like this one. Thank you.

Father of Tristuv

Kaur (Class IX)


When you want to decide your career goal, imagine yourself in your dream role, live in it, and understand whether it suits you.



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