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How did you fix your goal?

Parents || Friends || Tv || Socia media || It feels great

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Do you know how to achieve it?

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We provide the right information  and services to help you to

a) Fix your goal

         b)  Achieve your goal

Our curriculum - 6th to 9th(2 years), others(1 year) will give you a deep understanding of careers and your match to it. 

Most of the career choices infront of you:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The Goal Guidance Curriculum


Each career choice is made clear to the student in 6 steps: Movie,article,

wmg video,goal leader interaction,peer discussion and tasks.

Data collection

Over 2 years we take a lot of relevant data about student through interaction,app,family memebers & situations (over 100 metrics).

Decision tree

A career is happy only  if it is njoyable in the long run. The decision tree gives a pool of career choices 1) Fit 2) Suit

3) Njoyable.


Our counsellor will elaborate on the decision tree results, suggests the improvement areas and few careers to have a hands on experience.




4th to 9th standard

2 years

Qarterly intervention

30 goals

Goal curriculum

Access to career pool(100+)

Subscription cost:

INR 12000/year


Fast track

10th standard & above

1 year

Intervention- once in two months

30 goals

Goal curriculum

Access to career pool(100+)

Subscription cost:

INR 16000/year

How it is done

Exposure and data collection

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Movie & article

Real time application of job is shown in quite a few movies. We suggest the Best movie that can help student understand the job.


A highly structured article is made available to student to understand better.

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Meet my idol 

What other greater learning is available other than learning from your idol in your dream field.

A cricketer talking to you about cricket, an MIT alumni talking about MIT college, few undergrad students in final year talking to your regarding which stream is cooler.

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Peer learning

Firstly a session with goal leader

is hosted where she/he explains 

the career in detail and answer

queries from students.


The studnet cohort is brought together for role play or

discussion on the career path 

to understand career better.

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Data collection

We collect data about:

1) Natural dominant traits

2) Aptitude

3) Motivational factors

4) Others

via tasks, family & friends over 

2 years of time to understand

the progression of each to rightly

estimate the metrics.

Final Goal-o-Meter Report Example

WhatIsMyGoal (1)
WhatIsMyGoal (3)
WhatIsMyGoal (5)
WhatIsMyGoal (2)
WhatIsMyGoal (4)

Why do a student need this?

 "I want to be" is subjective to number of career choices the student was exposed to!!

Right career is something you can enjoy for a "long-time". Natural behaviour plays a key role to choose the career along with strengths,weakness,aptitude and other factors.

10 to 20 is age where abilities,interests and personality is established. So we take into consideration the progression of most metrics over years to suggest career choices rather than

an outcome from a single test.

Trusted by Parents, loved by students across
the Country for Goal Guidance.

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Organized and Efficient

"I have learned a lot about myself and potential careers. "


7th class

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“ I thought I already knew what I wanted to become, but this programme showed me I had options ״ 


10th grade

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I like how my kid role-plays each career, understands, analyse and rates his interest in it !!


Parent of 5th class student

Don't let REALITY strike you while deciding your goal

When I was 10 years old: I will be Sachin Tendulkar. I was 14 when I decided to host the Oscars. At 19 I wanted to travel the world alone. With age the expectations reduce, REALITY strikes : "I will" changes to "I want". 

When you want to decide your goal, forget this reality and imagine yourself in your dream role,live in it and understand whether it suits you. I did it at 16: I imagined myself as a Bollywood star- I am famous, I love it but I need to keep doing movies to  stay in limelight, its kinda boring after a time. Being an innovating entrepreneur turned out to be my best choice.